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新聞稿 Press Release 2021-6-2 閉館通告 Closing Notice  

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共命運 同抗爭「八九民運與香港」
A Common Fate, a Share Struggle "89 Democracy Movement and Hong Kong"







Once, the June 4 candlelight vigil was a symbol of Hong Kong's high degree of autonomy and freedom. Now, the sea of candlelight in Victoria Park may never reappear.

Once, the crime of “subverting state power” was both familiar and remote. Now, the candidates who participated in the 2020 pro-democracy primary have lost their freedom and been charged with this crime.

Once, Hong Kong was a safe haven for dissidents from the Mainland. Now, Hong Kong dissidents are being forced into exile one by one.

With the long shadow cast over the territory by the National Security Law and “one country, two systems” now little more than empty words, Hong Kong and China are increasingly moving towards a common fate. When the lawyers for the Hong Kong 12 detained in China were not allowed to represent their clients, when reporters were convicted of searching for the truth, and when people were sentenced to jail for making the hand gesture of “five demands, not one less”, we know that on the path of resisting authoritarian power, the advantages previously enjoyed by Hong Kong people over Chinese people are rapidly disappearing.

A community oppressed by dictatorship will inevitably become a community of resistance due to common values and shared painful experience. Deprived of the barrier that “two systems” provided as well as of civil liberties, Hong Kong people will remain committed, and the community of resistance will become stronger.

Over the past 30 years, the glittering sea of candles in Victoria Park, through rain and storm, has been a symbol of the conscience of Hong Kong people. Nowadays, arbitrary “red lines” are everywhere, but even if the candlelight is scattered, it will not go out. We will always guard the candlelight, for the past and for the present, to connect China and Hong Kong. It is form of mourning but also a form of struggle. 

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Press Release 2 June 2021:‘June 4th Museum’ Closing Notice





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Press Release 2 June 2021

‘June 4th Museum’ Closing Notice

Yesterday (1 June), Food and Environmental Hygiene Department officers inspected the ‘June 4th Museum’ and alleged that the Alliance did not have a valid Places of Public Entertainment Licence and was suspected to have violated the ‘Places of Public Entertainment Ordinance’.

The management committee of the ‘June 4th Museum’ decided after deliberation that further legal advice is needed on the incident, and in order to protect the safety of staff and visitors, the Museum is temporarily closed until further notice.

The ‘June 4th Museum’ just reopened at 2 pm on 30 May. During the three days it had opened, more than 550 people visited. The Alliance thanks the people of Hong Kong for their support and not forgetting ‘June 4th’.

In the face of the current difficult political situation, the Alliance still believes that Hong Kong people’s feelings of not forgetting ‘June 4th’ will not disappear. We also ask Hong Kong people to mourn ‘June 4th’ with wisdom, flexibility and perseverance, under legal, safe, peaceful and rational circumstances, in their own way, at the right time and place. Let the truth prevail!

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