June 4th Museum Reopens on 15 April 2016 in commemoration of the 27th Anniversary of Hu Yaobang’s Death

The June 4th Museum has suspended temporarily for annual maintenance between February and mid April and will be reopened on 15 April 2016 in commemoration of the 27th anniversary of the death of Hu Yaobang, the former General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party. The public is welcomed to visit the museum before its closure by the end of the year due to litigation.

The Museum is hassled by litigation

Since its opening on 26 April 2014, the June 4th Museum has been hassled by litigation of the owners’ corporation of the building with and interference the cost come by the chairman who has connection with the mainland.  The owners’ corporation also mandated the management company to register the names and ID card numbers of visitors to the museum (but not those visiting other floors) and restrict the number of visitors at one time. It also complained about too many people using the lift causing overload and inconvenience to other owners. Moreover, the Hong Kong Alliance found that the current property is relatively small and fails to display materials in our possession or to hold video shows or lectures. Hence, the Hong Kong Alliance has decided to sell the current property to avoid further litigation or interference and to look for a larger space to rebuild the Museum.  Depending on the development, the present museum will be closed before the end of the year.

Crowdfunding for reopening a larger Museum

As the present museum is a bit small for our use, we have decided to sell the unit and acquire a larger and more accessible place for the preservation and display of artefacts and to conduct educational activities.

We have also submitted our application to the UNESLO for the Tiananmen Protest and Massacre as an international memory of the World Registry which also requires the HK Alliance to ensure the authenticity and correctness of the data and information in our possession. 

The Hong Kong Alliance intends to sell the present property and to use additional fund raise through the June 4th Candlelight vigil and crowdfunding to raise the awareness and support of the public.  We intend to mobilize 30,000 people with a donation of $100 each to support the re-establishment of the new museum.

Public donation will be deposited into the designated account of the June 4th Museum (Hang Seng Bank 368-286498-001; check payable to “Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China”). We hope to raise HKD3 million with crowdfunding and donors can visit the June 4th Museum for free with the donation receipt.

The Hong Kong Alliance commits to uphold the tradition of “Memorizing June 4th and Struggling to the end” with the Hong Kong People, and calls on the citizens of Hong Kong to participate in the “crowd fundraising” programme so as to possessive history of June 4th from the suppression of power of the Chinese government.

Application of Tiananmen Protest Massacre as an International Memory of the World Programme Registry
The Hong Kong Alliance has applied to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCL) for listing the documentation and information of the Tiananmen Protest and Massacre in the International Memory of the World Programme, in the hope that the painful history will not be forgotten or ignored.

Thematic Exhibition”Against Abusive Arrests” at Reopened Museum
The Museum has introduced a thematic exhibition of “Stopping abusive arrests”. The exhibition introduces that since Xi Jinping came to power, the Chinese Communist Party has massively promoted personal cult and imposed the state ideology. They put the political dissidents admitting guilt on show in CCTV in the same way as they paraded people on the street during the Cultural Revolution. They massively arrest the civil and labor rights advocates, dissidents, members of religious organizations and feminists and put them to jail.  The human rights and civil society of China is facing an unprecedented plight and we have displayed them in the new exhibition in the museum.

The Museum also has regular exhibition and the real artifact display of “the Alive and the Dead”. The theme of the regular exhibition is “Never Forget June 4th, Call for Conscience”. It mainly introduces the cause and aftermath of the 1989 Democratic Movement and the June 4th Massacre, as well as the support from overseas and Hong Kong and Macau. The real artifacts show at the central exhibition area display the belongings of two victims who died in June 4th: Wang Nan and Wu Xiangdong, and the physical evidence testimony of two survivors of June 4th: Zhang Jian and Fang Zheng. Through these artifact, visitors will have a more vivid understanding of the June 4th Massacre. In addition, there are interactive projection and large maps that display the places where some major events occurred during the 1989 Democratic Movement, such as the Tiananmen, the Chang’an Avenue and Muxidi. Visitors may also sit on the grass floor for discussion or silent pondering.

Moreover, we show documentaries about June 4th and the Tiananmen Mothers in our video show room.  Schools and organizations also booked the venue for workshops. The library displays books, magazines, newspapers and posters related to the 1989 Democratic Movement and the June 4th Massacre for visitors to preview. Inside the Museum there is also a 6-foot-4-inch Statue of Democracy for photo taking, and books and souvenirs related to the 1989 Democratic Movement for sale.

Schools and Organizations are welcomed to visit Museum

Schools and organizations are welcomed to book visit to the June 4th Museum to understand the 1989 Democratic Movement and the June 4th Massacre. We will arrange tour guides to lead the visitors and hold workshops after visits to discuss on the spirit of the 1989 Democratic Movement and people’s pursuit of justice and understanding of the situation of victims who died in June 4th.

Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union encourages teachers and students of all secondary and primary schools in Hong Kong to arrange students to visit the June 4th Museum as learning activity for civil education or general education. It will also sponsor all entry tickets, including for students and leading teachers. For details please refer to:  https://www.hkptu.org/64museum/schplan

For any enquiry, please call 24596489 to contact staff of the Museum.