「六四紀念館」專題展圓滿結束 A successful conclusion to the “June 4th Museum” themed exhibition: What does June 4th have to do with me?

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◆ 馮浩然、張中柱、方蘇作品展;給下一代;「六四」攝影書展(常設)
◇ 認識「八九民運」的兒童──蘇兆禧(5月7日)
◇ 藝術家陳錦成「六四」記憶(5月27日)
◆ 「為香港發聲」社區音樂工作坊(5月 13、 20、27日)
◆《709 人們》放映及映後座談會(5月14日)






A successful conclusion to the “June 4th Museum” themed exhibition: What does June 4th have to do with me?

June 15th, 2017

Thanks to the community development center, the “June 4th Museum” themed exhibition of “What does June 4th have to do with me?” officially concluded on June 15th. The exhibition opened on April 30th, and was held in Room L208 on the 2nd floor of the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, and welcomed over 4,000 visitors (including groups from 8 secondary schools, 1 university, 1 district councilor office and 2 regional organizations). The total revenue from donations and sales of goods was approximately HKD$100,000.

The exhibition was divided into two sections- the information section and the experience section, the total area of which was around 650 square feet. The information section included: A hallway detailing the timeline of the 1989 democracy movement, book corner, display of the June 4th commemorative wine, historical documentary showing and gift shop. The experience section mainly allowed visitors to immerse themselves in the democracy movement and make salient, consequential decisions like the protesting students in that moment. (Will you block the tanks? Will you launch a hunger strike in protest? Will you evacuate?)

Through interactive methods, the exhibition introduced to visitors the 1989 democracy movement as well as the brutal, bloody history of June 4th. This allowed visitors to ponder how the events of June 4th are tied to Hong Kong, China and themselves, as well as look to history as a mirror and discuss how to build a fair and equitable society.

Other than the above mentioned exhibitions, thanks to the support of many art organizations and artists, activities at the JCCAC also included:
Standing exhibition of works of Fung Ho-yin, Cheung Chung-chu and Fong So; To the next generation (standing painting session);  Standing 'June 4th' photographic book exhibition  (permanent)
What does June 4th have to do with me? “My generation of creators” (May 6th)
Library of real people
-  Meeting the children of the 1989 democracy movement (May 7th)
-  Memories of June 4th (May 27th)
- “A voice for Hong Kong” Community music creating (May 13th, 20th and 27th)
-“People of 709” showing and after-show discussion (May 14th)
- Playback Theatre 'June 4th' session (May 24th)

The Alliance established the “Chinese Democracy Movements Information Center” in July 1989, with the aim of eventually bringing the “June 4th Museum” to Beijing, thereby continuing the ceaseless spirit of the 1989 democracy movement. The first temporary June 4th Museum was established in Sham Shui Po from April 29th to June 10th 2012, and official cooperation with students from the City University of Hong Kong lasted from April 15th to July 15th 2013, which enabled the Alliance to establish the second temporary June 4th Museum in the City University.

The reaction to the two temporary memorial museums was greatly enthusiastic, and through funding, a business flat was purchased in Tsim Sha Tsui to be used for the permanent June 4th Museum, which officially opened on April 26th, 2014.

Over the two years of the June 4th Museum’s running, we had continually suffered from legal complications initiated by the Incorporated Owners of the building, and the management office constantly disturbed visitors. The museum closed in July 12th 2016. Even though the museum is temporary closed, the work of the Alliance to promote history, justice and the truth has not concluded nor wavered. The Alliance also organized a mini June 4th Museum at its lunar New Year market stall at the Victoria Park this year. Along with the recent themed exhibition, the number of visitors to the various forms of the Museum since 2012 totaled over 80,000.

The June 4th Museum’s Tsim Sha Tsui property was successfully sold at the end of 2016, and the new Museum is projected to be around 2000 square feet. The Alliance hopes that the new Museum will have enough space to organize talks, forums and other activities, furthering the Museum’s development and educational possibilities.

The Alliance is currently in the process of finding a new location for the June 4th Museum, and preliminary estimates place the price at around HKD$15 million. Thanks to the sale of the previous premises, donations from the past two years of the June 4th Candlelight vigil and the donation from a Crowdfunding Project, the accumulated fund for the new Museum premises is around $7 million, which unfortunately is still $2 million short for the first installment. The Alliance will continue the Crowdfunding Project, and we hope the citizens will support our efforts to acquire the funds needed and rebuild the June 4th Museum as early as possible. Citizen donations are warmly welcomed (Hang Seng Bank account number: 368-286498-001; cheques can be made payable to: HONG KONG ALLIANCE IN SUPPORT OF PATRIOTIC DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENTS OF CHINA) Through the reopening of a bigger and new memorial museum, the Alliance hopes to preserve history’s lessons and carry on the blazing, tenacious spirit of June 4th.